Startverse is an open-ended game, and players are free to do what they want in game. To success in game, you much success in your career and relationships. Players must fulfill their needs to balance between sleeping, eating, working, gyming just like real human beings. They will also need to find a job or build their own company to earn money. The real objective of the game is to organize your time to help your character reach career goals and succeed to your best ability.
In game, we will use the real life time environment to make the game more real. Example, if you live in Tokyo, and now it is night and rain at your place, it will also display night and rain environment in the game.
These are some main actions in game:

Create a Character

In the beginning, players need to create and custom a character. Players also need to decide their character's abilities. Some characters are more intellegent, some character are stronger, some characters are charmer. The abilities of the characters could be changed in game, when you finish some actions, it will reduce your health, some actions will increase your charming.

Build/Furnish a company

If the player paid tokens to buy a land, he can build a company on that land. If he doesn't have much money, his company is one-member company. The player need to do tasks/projects by himself to collect tokens/coins for the company. If the player want to grown up the company, he need to go to invite friends or other players to work for the company.
The player can purchase objects on marketplace and furnishing the company.
Notice: We will have many business activies in game. In this document, we consider a company is one of those business activies(shop, restaurant, mall, company, agency...). Each business activity is a mini game with different behaviours, for example:
  • if you build a restaurant company type, you will play as a restaurant owner and the employee in your company will works as a waiter/waitress to serve customers.
  • if you build a service company, you will do the tasks from daily tasks to fulfill customer's requirements.

Find a job

If you join game as a free player, you need to apply to a company to get money. In case the player cannot to find any company to apply to, he can apply to a default company Unicorn Corp in the game.
The player needs to go to the office to receive tasks everyday,then working and earning promotions by fullfilling the required tasks. If the player has missed work for a day, they will receive a warning from their boss, if they miss the next day they will be fired automatically.


As a employee player, you need go to the office everyday to receive tasks to do. Each task will request you go to meet someone or go to some where to do somethings. The rewards of tasks will pay for you and your company.
As a boss player, you also need to go to the office everyday to receive tasks to do. Task for the boss player is request the player go to meeting some other virtual companies to get projects. To get more projects, player need inscrease his charm.


Some tasks or some company require a high education player to work with. So if you want to get the higher paid tasks or apply to higher paid company, you need to go to to school to do some tasks(or mini games) to finish your courses and increase your intellegent.

Work out/Gyming

When the player do actions in game, all actions will spend character's health. So like real life, if the player want to do more actions/tasks in a day to earn more money, he need to increase character's max health. The way to increase max health is go to gym and do some excercises.
But doing excercises also reduces character's health, so you need to manage to balance between doing actions and doing excercies, because when your health reach 0, you need to go to sleep.

Go to Bar (Mini games in bar)

The player need to increase character's charming to get projects or finish tasks easier. To increase the player's charming, the player need to go to bar to drink bear or play mini games.
Going to bar will spend player's money and also spend his health. So please balance between going bar, working, work-out and sleep.

Casino Games

Sometime, the player want to earn money quickly. So he can go to casinos and play some casino games.
If they win, they can get rewards x5, x10 betting money. If he lose the game, he will need to fighting with some casino guard. If he win the fighting, he can run to his home. But if he lose, he will go to the the jail some days. If he go to jail too long and if he is an employee, he will be fired by his company.

Needs (Sleeping, Eating, Fun)

When player do many actions in day, the character's health will be reduced to 0, the player must make decisions about time spent on fulfilling the needs of the characters. These needs are filled by activities in the daily such as eating food from a fridge, going to sleep. When the player go to sleep, he will sleep until next day. After sleeping, the character's health will be restored to maximum to continue to work. If the characters do not perform the proper amount of maintenance, they will sicken with some negative side effects that the player cannot control: They are able to be nasty to other characters by slapping them, and even attacking them. These side effects will reduce your charm point and if a police saw you attack other characters, you will be catched to jail.


You could be catched into jail if the police saw you attack other characters or you lose the fighting in casino. In the jail, you must do some tasks or you need to pay money to go outside.


In multiplayer mode, player can date together. They can buy and send gifts to their lover. They can share house, get married and build/furnishing their house.